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Essentials for Hiking with Your Dog

Petmate Academy

July 12, 2019


Planning on getting a little fresh air and exercise and don’t want to leave Fido at home? Then don’t! Dog’s love a chance at being in the outdoors and going on a hike with their favorite human will be a time they won’t forget.

When preparing for a trip to the great outdoors there are a few things you need to check, like making sure pets are allowed in the national or state park.  See what trails are cleared for your four-legged friend and if they are allowed to be off-leash must be leashed at all times.  Make sure your dog has a collar with an updated ID tag. 

You have your own hiking gear, so why should your dog not have their own?  Here are the essentials needed to keep your pet safe and comfortable on your adventure.


1. Water Bottle

HYDRATE! The number one rule when you are exercising, especially in the sun, is to keep hydrated.  The same goes for your dog.  The Petmate Replendish To-Go Travel Bottle is a personal water bottle for your dog with a travel bowl that fits perfectly on the water bottle.  The bottle has a convenient loop that attaches to most travel gear.  Add some ice cubes to keep it cool and refreshing all day.

2. Leash

I mean duh right? The Petmate Sport Mesh Reflective Leash is made of a durable mesh with a highly reflective layer which allows you to be seen even when the sun starts going down or you go into a darker part of the trail.

3. Waste Bags

You never know when Buddy may have to go so Disposable Waste Bags are a MUST! The Arm and Hammer Dispenser clips on your leash so you are never without them.  The bags are Infused with Baking Soda and w fresh lavender scent to reduce odors and built with reinforced seem for durability so they won’t smell or break until you reach the next trash can to dispose of it.

4. Paw Pad Cream

Depending on your trail conditions, especially the rockier ones, some dogs can get sore feet on hikes.  Though dog pads are naturally hard to protect from abrasions, they may get sore spots after the hike.  Applying some moisturizing pad cream may help protect from icy or hot conditions.

5. Harness

If your pet tends to get a little ahead of you during walks a harness may be a more comfortable option during hikes.  Body harnesses like the Petmate Adjustable Core Mesh Harness alleviates pulling and strain and will evenly distribute your dog's weight.  The breathable mesh will keep your pet cool and add a layer of comfort.

6. Travel Bed

If you plan on stopping for a snack there may not be a soft spot for Spot to squat.  The Chuckit! Travel Bed is a lightweight bed that won’t take up too much room in your bag and is perfect to throw on the ground and roll back up in its stuff sack for convenience. Other compact travel dog beds are available and allow for pit stops and breaks, wherever you might be.

7. Fetch Toys

If your trail allows your dog to be off leash, bringing a Chuckit! Ultra Ball will give your outing a bonus level of fun for your dog.  If there is a big clearing where you stop a game of fetch will make your pet one happy pup!

Hiking can be a great way for you and your dog to bond while keeping yourselves healthy.  Don’t forget these things to have the most enjoyable

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