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How To Make Cat Litter Last Longer

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April 23, 2020

How To Make Cat Litter Last Longer

With the outbreak of COVID-19 continuing to affect families all over the world, we've been forced to get smart with our money and get creative with making things like food, soaps, litter, and other household items last longer. Unfortunately, things like your cat's favorite treats, toys, and other item are the first to get cut from grocery list when it comes to saving money. Unless you have an outdoor cat, litter is a must when shopping for your cat's essentials. One box of litter can cost anywhere between $8 and $15 depending on which brand you use. So, since it's one of the more expensive purchases, we've come up with some ways to make your cats litter last longer during these uncertain times.


When trying to save money and make things last longer, try using a cat litter that clumps. When you use non-clumping cat litter, cat urine tends to flow to the bottom or side of the pan where it settles and sticks to the pan. This can cause an extremely offensive odor, which will force you to clean out your cats litter pan at least once a week. To get to the bottom of the pan, you'll have to throw away the unused litter in the pan, which can be wasteful. Plus, having to completely clean out your cats litter box once a week will require a lot more litter. When you use cat litter that clumps, soiled litter turns into clumps which can easily be removed with a litter scoop. Using a cat litter that clumps will allow you to easily throw away any used litter and leave the remaining unused litter behind. When you use clumping cat litter, we still recommend that you scoop out your cat litter box at least once a day. However, you will only need to replace the litter once a month.




When we scoop out our cats soiled litter, we usually have a habit of shaking any excess litter from the scoop back into the pan thinking we are saving unused litter. However, we are doing the opposite. When you shake excess litter, you are unknowingly causing pieces of used litter to break off the clumps and fall back into the litter pan. These small pieces of litter will not be able to absorb any more liquids and will cause the litter box to stink. So, to help extend the life of your cats litter, DON'T SHAKE THE SCOOP.


Using a sifting litter pan is another way to make your cat's litter last longer. The Sifting System will change the way you clean your cat's litter pan but will make cleaning easier, faster, and will help make your cat's litter last much longer with its unique design. To get started, place the sifting pan in-between the two regular pans in a stack. Pour your fresh, clean litter into the top pan and let your cat do their business. When it's time to clean, remove the top litter pan with the used litter in it and pour it all into the middle sifting pan like shown below.

litter being poured into clean pan


Then, set the empty litter pan aside and lift the sifting pan by its handles. This will cause all the unused, clean litter to fall through the sifting pan into the clean litter pan that's on the bottom of the stack. Only the clumped, soiled litter should remain in the sifting pan. Remember, DON'T SHAKE!. This could cause used litter to break off and fall through into the clean litter.



Lastly, throw away the soiled, clumped litter that remains in the sifting pan. Then re-stack the pans with the litter pan with the clean litter on top, the sifting pan in the middle, and one regular litter pan on the bottom. Do this once a day to make your cat's litter area stay clean while extending the life of your cat's litter.


To help extend the life of your cat's litter during these uncertain times, scoop the litter box at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Cats are very clean in nature and very sensitive to smell. Scooping twice a day will benefit both your wallet and your cat's well-being.

Making your cat litter last longer will require you to give more time and pay more attention to you cat's litter area. Overtime though, keeping up with the litter and keeping it clean will benefit your cat and his health. Follow these tips and know that it's saving money and giving your cat a clean, fresh place to do their business.




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