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Puppy Love – The Ultimate Guide to Spending Valentine’s Day with your Pup

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February 5, 2019

On this day of love don’t waste it on people with two legs!  If you’re lucky enough to do life with someone with four, you already have the best date around! Make this year special for your real love, even if they can’t read a calendar. Here are a few fun ways to spend Valentine's Day with your true furry love.

1. Watch a Movie Together

Who needs to get dressed up and go anywhere when the best spot to be is right on the couch? Pop some popcorn, cuddle on the couch, and turn on the most romantic dog movie of all time. Lady and The Tramp anyone?!?

2. Go on an Adventure

Okay so maybe your dog’s love language isn’t snuggling with mom (how rude).  If this is your dog, pack up all the essentials and hit the road on an action-packed day trip.  Many beaches, hiking trails, parks, and lakes are dog-friendly.  Find your closest one or go stay for the weekend. Either way, don’t forget your Chuckit! for an extended game of fetch!

If exercising isn’t really your thing but you want to get out of the house search for dog-friendly events or attractions. There are a lot of cities that have dog-related events so celebrate the day with other dog lovers. Check out local parks, food truck yards, museums, or breweries near you to see if they have any pet-friendly events going on.

3. Table for two Please

No dinner date this year? Wrong.  Fido is right next to you ready to be shown off! Search your local restaurant to see where you can bring your pup!  Some restaurants even have their own doggie menu! From whipped-cream in a cup to fully prepared meals, there is a café or restaurant near you that will help your pooch feel like a queen!

4. Don’t forget the Presents

Yeah, it may be better to give than receive, but we all know we like receiving more! One way your pup will know they are getting spoiled is by getting something new.  Whether it’s a new toy from FAT CAT or a La-Z-Boy bed, they will enjoy getting something new.


But most of your pet will feel the love when you give them attention.  They may not get what all the fuss is about, but getting special treatment for a day will be a day they won’t forget!

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