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Why Only Some Dogs & Cats Get Along?

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September 12, 2022

While some people fight like cats and dogs, some cats and dogs actually get along just fine. Cats and dogs, despite their differences, have some important traits in common that make them compatible – not always but more often than you think. These shared traits give us insight into their relationship. Below are some reasons Why only some dogs & cats get along.


Cats are not as social as dogs. If you raise them together from a young age, they grow used to each other early on. Dogs and cats that live in the same home will find a way to live together. Much depends on their initial encounter. If done correctly, the introduction can lead to a real, life-long bond.


Since cats are more independent, their first instinct might be to flee a dog that has a strong prey drive. Dogs with strong prey drives are apt to chase a smaller animal that is fleeing. This doesn’t mean they dislike each other. Instead, both of their natural instincts may be taking over. Give both of your pets some time to adjust to each other. Over time, the chasing will stop and they will get used to having each other around.

Getting Outdoors Together

Both dogs and cats are hunters in their natural environments. Giving them time to explore the outdoors together is one way you can let them relieve the pent-up energy of being inside. Just be sure to do so safely, especially for your cat. Make sure your cat is confident enough to go outside, but not so confident that he or she will wander off.

They Both Need Love

Dogs and cats thrive with affection. If they learn to share your affection, it can lead to a strong bond between them. Over time, they’ll turn to each other for affection, such as your cat giving your dog a good groom with its tongue.

Staying Warm

Both dogs and cats love to feel warm and secure while sleeping. As fur friends, they can grow to provide special comfort to each other and keep each other warm and cozy during rest.

They Can Be Silly

Cats are more independent than dogs, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for goofing off together. Once your dog and cat have developed trust, they are more likely to enjoy each other’s company and let loose together.

Small Spaces

Dogs and cats both like to feel secure, and they can both get that feeling by cozying up in tight spaces. Having a warm, soft companion to share that space with can be reassuring to your dog and cat. They can grow to love napping together over time.


Dogs care for sick cats by sleeping near them, sometimes furnishing food, and even grooming them. It’s a telling measure of your animals’ affection for and trust in one another.

They Annoy Each Other

Dogs and cats go to lengths to get each other’s attention and win affection. What might look like an antagonistic encounter could just be a bid for some recognition.


While not all dogs and cats will get along, some do. Most of the time, if you introduce your cat and dog at a young age, they will likely grow up to be fantastic companions to each other.



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